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Within the UN, the rule of law relates to laws in which all people, states and businesses are answerable to policies which are consistent with international human rights standards.
What is Health law?
Health law refers to a statute, ordinance or code that details health standards and rules for the purpose of promoting and preserving the community's health.
Public health law relates to the legal powers and duties of the state to maintain the conditions for people to be healthy (e.g., to identify, prevent, and ameliorate risks to health in the population) and the limitations on the power of the state to constrain the autonomy, privacy, liberty, proprietary, or other legally protected interests of individuals for the protection or promotion of community health.
The role of the Health Law team is to:

  • Assist countries in the development of appropriate health laws adapted to their needs;
  • Act as adviser for Headquarters and Regional Offices on health law;
  • Develop tools for technical cooperation such as legislative guidelines;
  • Ensure global transfer of information through the International Digest of Health Legislation and the Recueil international de Législation sanitaire.
At the national level countries continuously need to review and update health legislation to protect and promote the health of their populations, sustain their health policies and programmes and prevent ill health resulting from unsafe products and unsafe living conditions. This relates to all areas of health services, including dental and medical work.



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