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Your legal needs and requirements are of paramount importance to us, and this site is designed to give you a brief, succinct overview of TBlok Solicitors before we move on to discussing the main business, which is your business.

Wills, Trusts & Probates and Estate Planning

Our aim is to make difficult and sometimes complex decisions easier. We have considerable experience in handling private client work including wills, trusts, estate planning and the administration of estates.

We ensure that each client gains the time and attention he or she needs over often emotionally charged issues. Our knowledge of legal and tax implications enable us to guide our clients to reach the best solution to their individual problems.










Although the law does say what happens to your property if you die without a will this is not necessarily what you want. It can also be more expensive to wind up your "estate" if there is no Will. Another benefit of making a will is that the executors you appoint can have immediate authority to deal with any matters without waiting for the probate court to issue any papers.

You need a sympathetic ear to discuss the pros and cons of appointing particular persons as executors and of course any pitfalls that there may be in your plans for distributing your property after your death.

A surprising number of home-made wills (e.g. on a form bought in a shop) do not in fact do what you want and can run up quite large bills to get them sorted out satisfactorily. We can produce a simple will that you can understand and it will do the job better and at less cost. For one simple Will after a short discussion the bill could be as little as £170 + VAT. The more complex the discussion and/or the Will itself would produce a larger bill.

Client Confidentiality

place us in a privileged position when you entrust us with your legal affairs and we would value the opportunity to work with you. As part of our commitment to you as a client, we are able to tailor our services to your specific requirements. Only fully qualified and skilled lawyers work on your matters, and each has extensive experience in his or her specialist area. You will receive uncomplicated advice to assist in dealing with the matter you have entrusted to our care. Our client list includes major corporations as well as some of the regions most prominent individuals, so you may be sure that you are in good company when you select TBlok Solicitors. We are also entrusted to act for the highly valued members of an increasing number of associations and federations. If after reading our brochure you decide you like what you see, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may assist you.

You will find us sympathetic, approachable, diplomatic and understanding.